Live Beer Temperatures

I use Cacti to generate these graphs and I’ve just installed a new plugin to send alerts to me via email if the beer is unhappy.

In the process the brew temperature history was erased, so it will take a few months for the different brew temperatures to start showing on the yearly graphs.


This graph shows hourly fluctuations in the beer temperature. You can see big differences between the ambient and beer temperatures from air-conditioning and the West Australian weather.

The 23 liters or so of beer in the Yellow Beer Machine takes a while to warm up and cool down so it’s usually a few hours behind the ambient temperature.


This graph shows the daily fluctuations and you should be able to see the low and high temperatures occurring each day


On this graph you are beginning to get an idea of the temperatures the beer has been exposed to over its brewing life.


From this monthly graph you can see the entire first stage of brewing temperatures.


…and this graph gives you an idea of how many brews we have done this year – well it did until someone erased the brewing temperature history!

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